China becomes the world’s 2nd largest target market for patent layout

2017-9-19 9:23:54

Recently, the 2016 Research Report on Global Patent Innovative Activities was released, showing that China has become a target market of patent layout only second to US. Japan and US both attach great importance to the Chinese market and their invention patents in China accounts for one fifth of all grants.

The Report sorted out the global patent and innovation activities from 2008 to 2015 and conducted comparative research and analysis with the same kind of activities in other major leading countries in science and technology field. The Report indicated that in from 2008 to 2015, China’s publications and grants of invention patents increased at an annual rate of 20.97% and 22.48% respectively. China’s new momentum for technical innovation drives the global development of patented technology and innovation.

The Report said that from 2012 to 2015, within 35 technical areas divided by WIPO, invention patent grants of China ranked the top in 13 technical areas including measurement and organic fine chemicals.

The Report indicated that under the favorable situation mentioned above, China still faces challenges in terms of patent technology, with quite a few problems expected still to be solved like inconsistency between patent quantity and quality and imbalance of regional development in innovation of patented technology. The Report offered recommendations for China’s activities of patent innovation in the market:

– stick to policy support and strategy guidance to improve domestic quality of technical innovation;

– encourage different areas to launch technical innovation and patent layout based on their own regional strength and advantages;

– advocate in-depth exchanges and R&D cooperation in industries and academia to promotion the joint efforts by the industries, universities and research institutions; and

– optimize the patent information work under new situations to offer support to the technical innovation of patents.