Changhong Luo Senior non-litigation Lawyer

Changhong Luo Senior non-litigation Lawyer

Business Area:

Mr. Luo is good at trademark review of the refusal, review of disapproval of trademark registration, review of non-use cancellation, response to review of non-use cancellation, Review of Cancellation and other related non-litigation business of IP  rights and other professional services.

Working experience:

Mr. Luo graduated as master of Laws in 2016, has been engaged in IP non-litigation service since then. engaged in intellectual property non-litigation services.He has solid legal knowledge and careful thinking. After years of intellectual property rights protection work, he has accumulated a lot of experience in handling non-litigation cases of intellectual property rights, especially in dealing with reviewing cases of trademarks. He has helped many clients successfully acquired and protect the rights and interests of the parties.