Topwin profile

Beijing Top Win is located in Beijing, China, and consist of Beijing Top Win Patent Firm, Beijing Top Win Law Firm and Beijing Top Win International Intellectual Property Co., Ltd. Top Win is focused on trademark, copyright, patent, litigation and other Intellectual Property related services, covering regions of China and all over the world.The core staff of Top Win has been engaged in the field of intellectual property for decades, and has a solid professional foundation and rich practical experience, with keen insight into IP dynamics and development.

Adhering to the service tenet of “To think everything at the customer’s point of view, To do everything from the customer’s demand”, and the business philosophy of “precise, dedicated and efficient”, Top Win has been providing strong professional support for the development of many Chinese and overseas enterprises.

Top Win firmly believes that “dedication makes profession and profession makes great power”. It pays attention to tamping the team’s IP knowledge and serving capability on China IP matters.

At the same time, Top Win developed an International team who can also serve clients from foreign countries. The international team has mastered Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish and other multiple languages. It has been actively keeping in line with the international community and learning the most cutting-edge international intellectual property law trends. Based in China, Top Win has established cooperation with IP agencies and law firms in more than 200 countries and regions, serving for the internationalization of enterprises’ brands. By end of the year 2019, The Team has handled hundreds of thousands of IP cases for enterprises in China and other countries.

With a global perspective, The team takes it as its own duty to serve enterprises in various countries who have demands for intellectual property protection, and help enterprises open the door of brand globalization with intellectual property rights.

Go forth with IP, obtain honors with morality. With steady, honest and efficient service, Top Win has won wide recognition and trust.

Why to choose us

Ranked Top of China IP agencies

After years of development,TopWin has already had a number of outstanding intellectual property attorneys and a group of professional lawyers who have been engaged in intellectual property rights protection for a long time since it entered the intellectual property agency industry.

Large number of tradeamrk cases

TopWin has processed and handled Large number of tradeamrk cases, covering new applications, review of refusal, response to opposition, response to cancellation, response to invalidation, opposition, cancellation, invalidation, and other related trademark administrative and civil cases. Accumulated rich experience in IP protection and maintenance, especially expertise at trademark administrative litigation.

Senior Patent Team

The patent attorneys are expertise in both theory and practical experience. The technical fields cover electronics, communications, computers, physics, machinery, chemistry, biology, medicine and other technical fields, which can meet the needs of almost all industries.

One-stop Servie from application to maintenance

TopWin has high capability in the early-stage handling of intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights. At the same time, it is equipped with complete system combined with the basic processing department, the legal department, the rights protection department, etc., to guarantee its reliable, continuous, complete service